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Alwan for LGBTIQ Rights together with Queer Refugees Support Hamburg is organizing and other queer (refugee) organizations from around Germany and beyond! So far, groups from Hamburg, Hannover, Bremen, Mainz and Minden will be joining us on the 29th! More groups will still be announced!! We would like to invite you to build this queer block with us in the demonstration! Here is a summary of all the important points: What: The antiracist demonstration will bring people and organisations together in the streets of Hamburg to symbolize the resistance against right-wing fascist politics! We will unite together to demonstrate our solidarity, our strength, our resistance, our power! This parade is an opportunity to network with other organizations and individuals. This parade is an opportunity to link people looking for support to the correct resources! 40+ Trucks have registered for the parade this year!! Last year in Berlin more than 10.000 people participated! This year, even more are expected to unite together! When: The demonstration starts on Saturday, September 29th at 12pm at the Rathausmarkt. Sleeping: For those traveling to Hamburg from another city (or country): we have arranged a safe sleeping space for LGBTIQ* individuals in a gym at a school. If you need a place to sleep between Friday and Sunday, please E-Mail to reserve a spot. Please bring your own sleeping bags, mats etc. Theme of the truck: "Love ist not a crime" This is the text as it appears on the We’ll Come United website right now: “Not only war and poverty force people to flee: Even laws that punish non-heteronormative sexualities and gender identities force people to flee their home countries - often also so-called "safe countries of origin"! LSBTIQ* groups have joined forces to draw attention to the situation of queer people who are not sufficiently protected in their countries of origin and therefore not granted their human rights. United Against Racism. United Against Homophobia. United Against Transphobia. Groups involved so far: Alwan for LGBTIQ Rights, Queer Refugees Support Hamburg, Lesbenverein Intervention Hamburg, mhc Safe Space Hamburg, Rainbow Refugees Mainz, SVLS e.V. & together e.V. Mülheim, Queer Refugees Hannover, Aidshilfe Düsseldorf, Rat & Tat Bremen, LGBT Refugees Minden, Lesbisch Schwule Filmtage Hamburg | International Queer Film Festival” Distribution of information: Info material: Feel free to bring flyers, print outs, or other small material with information about your organization – we will have a place for it on the truck! Speeches: There will be time for speeches during the stop of the parade at the Fischmarket. Speeches are limited to 5-10 minutes per Person. If translation is needed, please inform us ahead of time. Costs: Truck: We are covering the costs. Dekoration: if you have banners or posters you would like to add to the truck, please assure that the decoration is in Hamburg on Friday the 28th at the latest! If you would like to help make decoration, E-Mail Travelcosts: If you are coming from outside of Hamburg and cannot cover your expenses, E-Mail for financial assistance: Mobilization: Do you know other LGBTIQ* groups or individuals who would like to come to the parade and walk with the queers united truck? Spread the word, spread the information! We are stronger together! Our Flyer is attached in English and German. - here you can find the call for mobilization that 300+ groups have signed (call for mobilization in many languages online) - here is a great mobilization video from Hannover: Here is the facebook event page for the queer truck: You would like to help? FANTASTIC, check the facebook event to see what volunteer positions we are currently looking to fill. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Us!

  • Date: 29/09/2018 00:12
  • Location: Hamburg, Germany (Map)